Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Preserving the Past: A Basic Handbook for Archiving in Rural Alaska

I created this handbook after several conversations with Alaskans at the Alaska Library Association meeting in Fairbanks in February 2011. Many people asked me questions like “What do I do with my cassette tapes” or, “How can I start archiving some my communities' materials?” My intent is to provide a resource for rural Alaskans, and other people who are looking to start an archive, learn how to digitize tapes, or find a place to donate materials. This is a 15 page basic handbook that can be used by anyone; high-school students and Elders will be able to make use of it. While the resources are available, they are not truly accessible because they are often incredibly technical, and require a background knowledge in archiving. I do not expect all rural Alaskans to have these skills, so this handbook is a skeleton that can be used as a stepping stone for archiving. It is also not a static document; any input is welcomed, and I appreciate the input I have received thus far.  Click here for the handbook. For more information, contact Stacey Baldridge at smbaldridge@alaska.edu.

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