Wednesday, October 13, 2010

restrictions and digital files

It was pointed out at the Archive meeting yesterday that we need a way to restrict access to digital files. The current way of doing this is to upload them to the server but set the permissions of the file itself to "no access". But that's a bit clunky. So here's a better way.

I've modified the results display to only provide hyperlinks for digital files in cases where the "restrictions" field is empty. Also, the CD icon in the results display is only shown if the restrictions field is empty (unless logged in as an admin, in which case  a red !! displays after the CD icon). So now when we scan something which we don't want to make available online (e.g., Jim Kari's hand written Ahtna field notes), we can upload the files as usual to the server but put a note in the restrictions field "no public access to digital files"

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